Other Options is an extensible performance and installation environment that models organic phenomena and the steady reclamation of objects by nature. It represents a chaotic state in which every discrete object or instance has a trajectory or vector through which it is transposed in time and space — this creates simulated ‘bursts’ of energy in which meaningful combinations of audio and video can potentially be assembled, or not. The aural, visual and performance elements are sequenced through generative procedures that create an on-going display of infinite sets of movement phrases and recombinatorial sonic environments/polyphony. 

Both video and audio processing environments are programmed in Max/MSP and use a finite set of pre-recorded material to continually re-compose choreographed dance-for-camera sequences and field/studio recordings. The processing programs embellish and re-mix material, and (in the case of the audio processor) contain the ability to spontaneously create new material to be added into the repository.

Other Options — as a physical installation — is optimized for 6 – 12 discrete channels of spatialized audio, including a Doppler effect simulator which can be mapped to specific performance spaces. The video projections (3+ screens) works in tandem with live performers, simultaneously following a score of specific gestures and timings that correspond to the basic structure of the filmed sequences (pre-generative processing). The version presented here is comprised of recorded output of real-time video and audio generation from the processors.

Audio & Video Generative Programming: Samuel Hertz

Live & Filmed Choreography: Maryanna Lachman, Samuel Hertz, Chani Bockwinkel

Videography and Direction: Chani Bockwinkel, Maryanna Lachman