Only If We Meet

[Collaboration with Anya Kravchenko (RU/FR)]


[text by anya kravchenko]

ONLY IF WE MEET is a device for three dancers and an audience to meet at an appointed place. To meet inside a dance generated in real time from the dancers interplay with each other and the sensory fields formed by the sound, the light and the audience presence. Dancers bodies reveal themselves in discontinuous speeches and ceaseless movements, including audience in this unfolding dance not only as a gaze but as a resonating living body.

Each time a new group of dancers is gathered to be activated by the device, which comprises a choreographic score, sonic programming and spatial set up to unveil dancers singular interpretations and to collide them in common action. Invited interprets are considered to be independent artists, conveying a distinctive performance interests in a body of the event. Stage is chosen in correspondence with a group and approached as a "site" - the place in its specificity, exposed by the dancing bodies.

Building up this device we strive to delve into phenomena of a meeting as a series of alignment and confrontation, gains and losses, formation and disappearance, as a movement which happened beyond visual separation, beyond what we are used to and what we expect. We are looking for our common, and in that unique, TIME WITH the audience to become the dance, which fashion the movement as lasting and unfinished act, as «impossibility, indefiniteness and imperfection of every politics»*.


* Movement by  Giorgio Agamben, 2005