Preliminary Research Meeting, Leeds, UK

On 28 March, we officially kicked off the DARE Prize project by holding a preliminary meeting between some of the proposed research collaborators at Opera North's headquarters in Leeds!

It was a really exciting meeting for a number of reasons, among which the generous contributions of the invited researchers, and the interest they expressed in my project. With research representatives from the fields of psychoacoustics, electro-acoustic music, hearing technologies, public health effects of climate change, and glaciology/climate modeling, we explored my project ideas, outlines, and plans by way of introducing my personal work and research to the group.

The conversation that followed was a very enlightening, amusing, and wide-ranging exchange covering topics from discussions of the sublime and narratives of perception, to scales of sounding, personal perceptions of environment, research ethics and efficacy, public health and public communicative outreach, and occult infrasonic technologies of the Victorian era. Needless to say it was an amazing and thoroughly engaging conversation. While we certainly generated quite a bit of material to consider, its now time for me to take a step back to synthesize all these ideas and formulate some solid research questions and aims to bring back to the group. With the project off to an intriguing start, I'm very much looking forward to starting our collaborative research projects shortly!

More to come as the research projects develop...