'Ashen Curtain' (2014 - 2015) for Harpsichord, Flute, Glockenspiel, and Electronics

After the fire, an ashen curtain hangs in front of a window, distorting and diffusing light through its scars and bruises. Scattered fragments of light create chaotic patterning on the charred walls – the reflection of an alternate place, another possible window, and other potential patterns.

In Ashen Curtain, the slowly-rising electronic processing of the acoustic instruments creates distortions, layers, and alternatives to the performers’ notated material. Through spatialization these fragments and shadows create compositional assemblages whose identities are fluid and spontaneous, yet exist simultaneously within and in-between notation. Originally composed for performance within a 7.4 channel concert system, the electronics are composed of three separate processing programs developed in Max/MSP which use pitch-tracking algorithms to re-develop instrumental phrases into flexible and mobile trajectories.

  Ashen Curtain  score, p. 1

Ashen Curtain score, p. 1

  Ashen Curtain  score, p. 2

Ashen Curtain score, p. 2

  Ashen Curtain  score, p. 3

Ashen Curtain score, p. 3

  Ashen Curtain  score, p. 4

Ashen Curtain score, p. 4

  Ashen Curtain  score, p. 5

Ashen Curtain score, p. 5

  Ashen Curtain  score, p. 6

Ashen Curtain score, p. 6